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A Learning Hub

A Learning Hub

Vijaya Education Society is a well-known name in Bahadurgarh and nearby areas. With more than 3 decades of experience in grooming the future of our children, we can proudly say that at Vijaya, we work on the holistic growth of all the students. For years, we have been known for the good grades of our students. While making sure that the grades are good for all of our students, we also work on their other learning requirements too.

For us, learning is not just about getting good grades, but the overall development of the tender minds enrolled with us. With the changing times, we make sure that the education methodologies also develop and adapt. At Vijaya, we make sure that the students get to know about our traditional values as well as learn about the latest happenings around them.

Students with an interest in sports, arts, and crafts are encouraged for their work and given special attention for their area of interest. We have different houses for different interests. There are guest lectures or seminars for the students, where they get to know something new apart from the regular curriculum.

“The learning never ends.” Keeping this quote in mind, we foster the students in such a way that they are willing to try and learn new topics on their own. We encourage them not to hesitate to ask any questions in the class and be more participative in the open discussions.

Here at Vijaya, students learn social skills too. We provide them with enough breaks and of course, the festival celebrations where they interact with each other and enhance their social skills. Every student is provided an opportunity to gain and enhance their public speaking skills too. We want all our students to be very confident when they face the newer challenges of life after completion of formal schooling.

All these things are possible because of our highly experienced staff. All the teaching staff is well qualified and well trained to understand the requirements of each student. We also make sure that the learning continues for the teachers too. And therefore we provide enough time for the teaching staff for interacting with each other and sharing their knowledge with each other. We also regularly organize various teacher training programs for the teachers.

We work in close coordination with the parents. The learning progress of each student is tracked properly and discussed with the parents during PTMs. We take the feedback seriously and implement the suggestions for a better learning experience for the children. Vijaya School is not just an academic school, we are a complete learning hub, taking care of all the aspects for the overall growth of our students.